Creative expression is vital to me and I try to reflect it in every aspect of my life.

I draw inspiration from fashion, arts, music, nature, characters I meet…

In fact, people are my main source of inspiration as this was the reason I started doing make-up.

I get intrigued by the human soul reflecting in smiles and glances.
This is why I always like to draw people on my paintings.

Taking account of my love for traveling, photography & human interaction,
there is no doubt that I have found my dream job!


As a consequence of my love to Arts,
I graduated from the “Technological Educational Institute of Athens”
“School of Graphic Arts & Art Studies”,
Department of “Conservation of Antiquities & Works of Art”.

In 2009,
I succesfully graduated from a professional makeup training course
at Freddy Make-up Stage.

Since then, I constantly work as a makeup artist,
reflecting my passion and creativity to my business.

I am part of the amazing team of Velvet Rose Creative Studio and
I’ve been awarded with the 2nd place at the MAV Awards 2019
for the Most Acknowledged Make-up Artist Category.

On my previous experience there have been
numerous fashion editorials, lookbooks and campaigns
(Prigipo, Pitusa Miami, Toi & Moi, Tania Christoforatou, Rhea Jewelry etc).

Ι have also participated in numerous video productions,
commercials and video clips as a head make-up artist
(Panik Records, Boot Dusseldorf, Right Now Media Texas, Kala Cosmetics France etc.)

In my work history there also have been
several contributions to online magazines like Love4Weddings,
while I joined the Greek & Italian Beauty Magazine “Esthete”
as a head beauty editorial columnist with numerous covers.

I have also taken part in several fashion shows
of Beyonce, Vassilis Zoulias & Loukia.

I am a proud founder and educator of of “The Bridal Make-up Masterclass
while I have pinched in various Seminars as a Head Make-up Artist.
(WPV Convention, W Seminars)

I am based in Athens, Greece and I am available worldwide.


bridal make-up


When is the right period to book the make-up artist for my wedding?

The sooner the better! Brides, usually, book their bridal make-up artist months before the wedding (even years!). When it comes to pick the wedding pros that will orchestrate your special day, the ideal is to have a wide range of options, than booking whoever is available on the exact date.

When is the right period to arrange the bridal make-up trial?

I would advice you to do it whenever you feel ready to do it. There is no particular timeline for this procedure, however I usually suggest to my brides to pick the dress and the accessories first, so we can -style wise - achieve a balanced, refined and smart overall result.

Do you do make-up on women of different ethicities, like asian, white or brown skin?

Skin colour and makeup techniques differs among women from different ethnic groups. The perfecting of a world-wide makeup application requires a thorough understanding of skin colour and physical features of women around the world. As working as a make-up artist through the ten past years, I have worked on a great scale on how to master my make-up techniques on women of all ethnicities. Besides, I am a huge fan of diversity!

How many trials do we need to do before the wedding?

99% of the brides do not need more than one trial, as during the main consultation we have the time to experiment in different styles and techniques until we find the ideal bridal make-up look!

Do you travel for weddings?

Of course! I travel all the time for weddings and I am available worldwide.

Why should I invest on my bridal make-up?

It's simple. Your bridal make-up will be one of the most noticeable details of your wedding day!
We are talking about the face. Your face would be greeting your guests and will be photographed much more than many beautiful details you have chosen for your special day!
Furthermore, a make-up that suits your taste and brings out your most beautiful self, will significantly boost your self-confidence, so you can cordially have the best time ever!

Are the make-up brushes germ-free?

Rules of hygiene are mission-critical when it comes to make-up application. Hands and objects that are part of the procedure are always sanitized and all brushes are disinfected before every single use.

What make-up products do you use?

The make-up products that I use are always high quality, that I have chosen through extended research and guaranty a flawless and durable result that will last from dusk till dawn (MAC, YSL, Nars, Urban Decay, Dior, Becca, Kat Von D, Paris Berlin etc.).
Furthermore, I try to use as much vegan products as possible, due to my high sensitivity in animal rights.
All products are hypoallergenic and the make-up brushes are always cleaned and disinfected before every use.

Can you apply my own make-up products on my bridal make-up?

All the make-up products that I use have been chosen through extended research so they can guaranty a flawless and durable result. I avoid using my clients' make-up products, if I haven’t used them before, because I cannot be sure how they might react on such demanding circumstances as the wedding conditions are (durability, high tempratures etc.)